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Murfreesboro Rescue Mission Vision
Murfreesboro Rescue Mission seeks to reduce homelessness by:
Murfreesboro Rescue Mission Vision

Offering homeless prevention services. By utilizing our community’s network of support agencies, MRM will offer counseling and provide referral information to clients in crises.

Working in partnership and collaborating with churches, businesses, and other service providers in our community.

Being a vital resource within the community’s Continuum of Care.

Offering programs that help clients overcome barriers that hinder their progress in returning to mainstream living. These programs include a:

  • - Guest Volunteer Program
  • - Gateway Program
  • - Life Recovery Program
  • - Single Resident Occupancy Program

They are designed to teach basic living skills, educate, and encourage clients by helping them establish a relationship with Christ and give them a sense of value in their immediate community. The Life Recovery Program is a seven month program aimed at reclaiming lives lost to addictions and other life degrading issues. The Single Resident Occupancy or SRO program is designed to help graduates by providing clients with a place of residence while saving money and preparing to re-enter the community.

Educating the community on best policies for helping those struggling with life degrading issues.

Providing service opportunities for individuals who desire to donate their time and resources.

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Murfreesboro Rescue Mission Board of Directors

Board of Directors

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Murfreesboro Rescue Mission

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